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  2.      中文   | English   TEL:0472-5880855


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      Baotou Xinyuan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional service company which integrates maintenance, accessories, upgrading, transformation and technical services in order to make the anchor machine users use the anchor machine better. Our company&#39;s service and technical support for the windlass run through the whole service life cycle of the equipment. The company&#39;s employees have prof…

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    why choose us

    —————— why choose us ——————

    Professional team

    Years of R & D experience, professional elite team and top companies in the industry will escort you.

    Quality assurance

    Formulated by the international organization for standardization, it is true and accurate to ensure the quality, safety and reliability of products.

    Honest service

    Customer first, honest service, customer is the foundation of survival and development.

    R & D strength

    With 20 engineers and 10 patents, the equipment involved has the ability of R & D and customization.


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    TEL:0086 13904727094    E-MAIL: cumt_liwei@163.com

    Company address:Room 1202, Block C, Times Square, Rare Earth High-tech Zone, Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China



    Baotou Xinyuan Mining Machinery Co. Ltd

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